For Thermal Insulation, our general advice is to think of your insulation as a cocoon for the building.

Think Ceilings, External Walls, Under Floor if necessary, Internal Walls, Vertical Walls internal to the roof cavity where, for example, a raked ceiling meets a normal pitched roof/flat ceiling and also timber framed Skylights. All of these represent areas through which heat can find its way into the house in summer or can be lost in winter.

Then ascertain the appropriate R rating for the particular application in mind. Higher for the ceiling, lower for walls is the general rule.

Then consider the most appropriate material for the job at hand. If you are building, quotes can be given off plans.

Abbco Insulation specialises in many types of insulation, specifically:

  • Wool/Polyester blend batts and roofing blanket
  • Polyester batts
  • Foil based products
  • Foil Blanket (Air Pocket) Insulation, suitable for domestic residences, factories and sheds
  • Foam based insulation

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