Roof ventilation is the perfect complement to ceiling insulation.

Without roof ventilation, the heat buildup in a ceiling exerts pressure on the insulation rendering it less effective. With heat expansion, a roof vent provides an outlet for the rising heat and acts like a siphon. The hot air being exhausted from the roof cavity creates an air flow which then pulls in cooler air.

Air conditioning, insulation and ventilation provide the perfect combination for summer cooling.

Ventilation goes further, however, as there are instances where steam from a laundry or bathroom may need to be exhausted and this can be done through an internal vent connected to a roof ventilator with ducting.

Equally, under floor ventilation may be useful in areas where mild damp may be an issue.

We use and recommend premium ventilation products and, more specifically, choose to advise products and brands which are most appropriate for your particular circumstances.

Are you better suited with

  • Wind driven vents which operate 7 days and remove warm air from your roof cavity in winter which may be necessary if condensation is a problem.

  • Motorised vents with thermostat which will not remove warm air from your roof cavity in winter but will exhaust significantly more air than even 2-3 standard wind driven vents in summer when turnover of air is critical in keeping the house cooler.

  • Solar powered vents which will give a dramatic increase in the volume of air exhausted from the roof cavity with no electricity required.

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